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Possibly the greatest and most common mistake is that of oversimplification. The world is more complex than we have time to comprehend.  This does not just refer to the natural world.  Take person-to-person interaction.  While some assumption is entirely necessary for day to day life, one should always be critical of one’s assumptions.  The moment they become a stand in for logic, or a crutch to replace self-improvement, they are harmful.


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  1. Frye permalink

    The world is not nearly so complex as you have imagined it is. The very atoms that make up everything around you are made up of only 3 basic building blocks. The diversity of atoms is merely a repetition of these 3 basic blocks according to very simple rules, and the molecules those atoms form are again based on simple rules.

    On a more macroscopic level, the great “diversity” of life all originated from a common point, and developed along a very simple rule: survive and flourish or die and be forgotten. Even the birth and death of a solar system is again merely the inevitable outcome of very simple rules.

    When we were but simple creatures ourselves, we imagined that the world must be unimaginably complex because it helped us avoid the simple fact that we were just another animal in the food chain. Now that we have elevated ourselves to the point where we can seriously examine the nature of the universe and see these simple rules laid bare, it’s time for us to put aside our complex schemes of rituals and belief that divide us and focus on the simple truths that unite us.

    In closing, a simple acronym which is helpful in a great many facets of life: KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid!

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