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Game Theory


Video games fascinate me, as both entertainment and art.  (I’m aware of the debate over whether or not they are in fact art, but am arbitrarily tabling that discussion for now).  Using an interactive medium to tell a story, convey a sense of atmosphere, or evoke powerful reactions has an experiential quality that non-interactive mediums cannot capture, and which is difficult to explain out of context. And there is so much context. The moment a particular scene,  level, fight, etc is described ex post facto it loses so much in the telling that, to the uninitiated that it may as well not be told at all. As an art form, games are relatively new and still brimming with untapped potential. Many developers seem to be refining old territory, and while there is nothing wrong with that (especially from a business angle) it’s not really advancing gaming as art.  Entertainment yes, but no new territory is being covered by the industry en masse.  Every rule has an exception though, and I’ve listed a few titles below that either in mechanic, setting, art style, or atmosphere differ significantly not only from other games, but current entertainment or art on any medium.

Zeno Clash

The Graveyard

The Path


And Yet it Moves



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