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Knee-Jerks Need Not Apply


If, while watching the news you hear someone speaking about climate change, and they preface any statement with “I am not a scientist, but…” change the channel. Let me elaborate. What is your reaction to the phrase “climate change?”  If the thought which just came into your head can be described by the words “feel” or “believe” then you are wrong.  Even if modern science eventually determines that your belief or feeling is correct, you are still wrong. Why? Because the journey is just as important as the destination.  In science, and all critical thought, the journey is prerequisite to a truthful conclusion.  It doesn’t matter that you get a result, it matters that you get an unbiased, peer-reviewed result by following verified, replicable procedures.  That’s not even in the same ballpark.  Crackpot schemes will not save our planet if really is in danger.  When it comes to issues that affect all of us, stop feeling and start thinking.


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