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Making It An Issue


A touchy topic today. Race relations.  When I was young, my parents never made it an issue, never made a racist comment, and never treated someone differently because of their race.  At least, not that I remember.  As I grew older and more aware of the world around me, I began to notice that racial prejudice was still alive and well, and wondered how I had missed it for so long.  This experience leads me to ask two questions about the race relations issue:
1. Is constantly forcing the issue to the forefront in popular media useful in resolving race relations?

2. Would someone be willing to explain why constant bombardment of racial differences are constructive?

I suppose an explanation is in order.   I am not suggesting that race relations issues be ignored.  I am merely suggesting that by emphasizing discreet groups of people who have no similarity other than some physical characteristics and cultural status, the public is made more conscious of the irrelevant differences between us.   This is not a new argument, just my own perspective on it.  Feel free to comment.  I’d prefer rational discourse to emotional statements, but any and all comments are welcome.


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