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Consequences, Unintended


There’s an extended debate raging in my head (or to whatever unfortunate happens to be nearby, should I feel the urge to vocalize) concerning the inherent worth of intentions.  They can’t be entirely excluded; manslaughter isn’t the same thing as 1st degree murder.  On the other hand, results speak for themselves.  However well meaning, mistakes are costly.  I was initially inclined to take a more cynical view of the subject, but am obviously biased where close friends and family are concerned, and since that view lacks consistency, I won’t insist upon it.  It’s a mystery to me why we aren’t primarily logical creatures by now.  Perhaps we’re still mostly animal, struggling to adapt to the modern world we’ve created, and use the sympathy of intentions to keep us from tearing at each other’s throats, even when the results aren’t what we want or need.  If it’s not a survival mechanism, then it must be something, but what?


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