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An Open Letter to Trump Supporters


Whelp. We did it. We elected Trump as president. This isn’t about right or left. 2016 was a year of firsts for me. First time voting early. First time voting democrat for president. First time being truly disturbed at the results of a presidential election. I understand the reservations some voters had about Hillary Clinton. She’s far from squeaky clean, but Trump? Really?  I’ll admit that we all have our own bubbles. I have mine, you have yours. And I will further admit that I never expected him to win the presidency. All the polls said he had little to no chance, and here we are. For the next four years, let’s agree to keep track of the nation. Average GDP, Value of the US Dollar, First Amendment Freedoms, Employment Rates, etc. Seriously. Google the numbers now, and compare then to the results in four years. Hopefully, these are things we all support. Let’s reconvene in four years and figure out if a Trump Presidency left our nation in a better place than it started. But I want you to know that I will wholeheartedly reject any candidate who runs on a platform of xenophobia, racism, and isolationism. Congratulations if you voted for Trump, and my condolences if you did not.


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